ROMANTIC SPARKS - An  Enchanting Evening
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Brew your favorite beverage. Light a special candle. And play a game created to bring Romantic Sparks into your relationship.

This package of Romantic Sparks includes two specially designed coffee mugs. Each contains an enscription that says, "My day is right . . . when you rule the night." This will start some conversation as you warm your favorite coffee or beverage.

Then we added a heart-shaped oil candle to further set a mood for romance.

The game, "An Enchanted Evening" starts with both players writing down their secret wish that the "winner" that can be fulfilled that evening. As the game proceeds, the cards each player draws will require different responses. And no matter who "wins" the game, both players will enjoy enchantment and Romantic Sparks of the evening.

Each package of Romantic Sparks comes with an European gift bag, tissue paper and suggestions on how to make the evening special.

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ROMANTIC SPARKS - An Enchanting Evening

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